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The unique beaches of Naxos

There are excellent swimming naxos beaches at Saint George or Agios Georgios, Agios Prokopios or Saint Prokopios, Agia Anna, Plaka (naxos nudist beach), Maragas, Mikri Vigla, Kastraki, Alikos, Pirgaki, Agiassos (on the west side), Apolonas, Psili Amos, Panormos and elsewhere.

The superb beaches of naxos island and its wealth of monuments attract thousands of visitors each year.

Saint Prokopios Beach   plaka beach - nudist naxos beach
Nissaki Hotels

Naxos has the longest and some of the finest beaches in the Cyclades, south of Hora the crowded Agios Georgios beach. The next beach south is Agios Prokopios, around the cape of Stellida. This sand beach is less crowded at its northern end.

Agia Anna beach, the next bay south, is much smaller, with a small port. Both Agios Prokopios Beach and Agia Anna Beach are accessible by public bus in the summer.

South of Agia Anna you'll find Plaka Beach, 5 kilometers of almost unoccupied shoreline where clothing is optional, you can reach it by walking south from Agia Anna.
Nissaki Hotels
Nissaki Hotels
Saint George Beach or Agios Georgios Beach   Saint George Beach   Saint Anna Beach
Nissaki Naxos Hotels

  Further south, 16 kilometres from Hora (Naxos Town), are Mikri Vigla, known for its windsurfing centre, and Kastraki Beach a 7-kilometer beach, both locations remain relatively un-crowded, even in peak season. Further still, 21 kilometers from Hora we find Pyrgaki, the last stop on the coastal bus route, offers excellent swimming opportunities in a protected bay.
Nissaki Hotels
Nissaki Hotels
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